Tobias Frøystad (aka Toby) is an LA based award winning director/editor from Norway. Toby started filming when he got his hands on his first video camera at an age of 9 and has had a passion for film making ever since. His distinct rhythmic editing style originates from his younger days when he made skateboard and snowboard videos. 

In 2011, Toby made an international TV show for MTV Europe called ‘Dexpedition’. This became a hit and both seasons have since been broadcasted over the world (including USA, India, Brazil, Australia). In 2015 he directed his first feature film ‘The Dextape’, a ‘Dexpedition’ spin-off that premiered in cinemas all over Norway. 

For two winters, Toby followed the snowboard-superstar Torstein Horgmo and made the documentary ‘Horgasm‘. It debuted on iTunes at #1 in Sports sections worldwide and climbed as high as #26 in ALL films on the U.S. iTunes store, sandwiched between ‘The Grey’ and ‘The Dark Knight’. In Norway Horgasm reached #1 and stayed there for almost a week! It was later TV broadcasted on ESPN and is also available on Netflix worldwide. 

Other than documentaries, TV shows and feature films, Toby has made several commercials and music videos for both Norwegian and International artists. He was recently nominated for the Young Taylor Award at VidFlow music awards in 2014.

Toby’s production company, Expect Films, has made multiple critically acclaimed commercials in Norway.